Office Hours | Strategic focus on what will move the needle

Office Hours | Strategic focus on what will move the needle

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In this episode of the podcast, I’m chatting with Meg Truccano, one of our Scaling School students. We talked about different lead generation strategies, exploring both local and online avenues. Our conversation focused on pinpointing where Meg should concentrate her efforts to maximize her return on investment in terms of time and resources. I love pushing entrepreneurs from the stage of business owner to CEO. This chat with Meg was definitely an example of that. We tackled the challenges of narrowing focus, identifying specific action steps for growth, and talked about using personal connections for lead generation.

Topics discussed:

  • Meg shares her journey towards transitioning from entrepreneur to CEO
  • How integrating the right technology can prep your business to scale
  • Effective lead generation strategies specifically for Meg’s ideal client
  • Reviewing where Meg’s clients are actually coming from 
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of lead generation efforts without substantial sales data
  • Looking at the whole picture of Meg’s business to determine what next steps she needs to focus on
  • The challenge of rebuilding business momentum 
  • Looking at the potential of local and online networking for fostering meaningful personal connections
  • Shifting the focus from outcomes to actionable steps

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