To scale, you need it all.

Without doing it all.



Behind a 7-figure business isn’t just a brand suite and a really good VA.

Yet, this piecemeal approach of ‘you just need this to scale’ keeps holding epic online entrepreneurs back from cracking the ceiling to where they really want to go.

So, put that down.


That stick you’re using to play whack-a-mole.

I get it. You’re ambitious as hell.

Ready to invest in whatever it takes to get your business from great to iconic

You’re quick to buy the course.

Ready to roll up your sleeves to learn Reels even when you don't want to.

Open to outsourcing– even if hiring your very first VA was a hot mess.

You also know the power of surrounding yourself with the best minds, whether it be a mindset coach, business strategist, OBM, or mastermind squad. 

Oh? And your website and branding? You didn’t just slap that thing up there. You paid good money for a designer, copywriter, branding specialist, or wait for it…all of the above.

But when you look at your business and all the love (and cash) you’re throwing at it, you’re still left with the million dollar question. 

What do I need to do to scale?

"seriously, can someone just tell me? I'll do it." 

The Ivy League equivalent for taking your online business from growing to expanding

Here’s the problem with the online space: 

It’s really good at selling you everything you need to scale. Without telling you everything that you need to scale. 

But the truth is your business is not a toggle switch.

One right move won’t help you make that next big move.

Your business is an ecosystem. And sometimes that ecosystem is a delicate little grinch. 

You’re done chasing the sexy solution that glitters in gold.

You want:

  • A holistic solution that will bolster all of the business aspects needed to actually scale
  • Access to a team of experts to call upon for strategic consulting and implementation planning
  • A business ecosystem that actually supports scaling
  • Sustainable growth that doesn’t hinge on getting lucky with one thing
  • Mastery of all of the core components of your business so you can truly feel in control of the direction and destination of your growth  


Scaling School

The holistic campus for online women entrepreneurs who are serious about scaling their business.

Access. Action. Progress.

They want it all. 

That’s because Scaling School students don’t settle for the 4.0 ‘good on paper’ business. They’re going for the moon. And they want the supportive faculty that swaps grades for greatness. 


The Easy Scaling Method

Aka the repeatable mix of core components that all scalable businesses have mastered.

And *flips hair* we’re the only program on the market with the team and resources to deliver these to you at the level you need to sustainably hit your scaling goals. 


Being the CEO means holding the vision for where you’re going. Without clarity here, it’s easy to blindly throw darts at service providers, wondering why the bulls-eye keeps disappearing.


It’s no longer about creating what feels or sounds good. By dialing into your target market and crafting scalable offers that they crave, you can build a business model that fuels itself.


Your brand. Your marketing. Your content. No incognito business has ever been successful. By strategizing your visibility strategy and giving you power to form your brand, you can truly start creating a name for yourself online.


The unsexy BTS that can make or break whether your business works. From tech to team to legal, we’ll be streamlining and ensuring your operations are pushing you forward so everything flows like butter.


Short-term goals. Long-term goals. How the heck are you going to get there? Planning is the map you draw so every action you take pushes you closer to your end result. This also means you hire intentionally and waste less time in your day-to-day.


Your funnels and sales strategies are how you make your business irresistible to your ideal client. By creating systems that funnel leads to you on repeat, you can have offers that are impossible to say no to. 


I’m not a coach. And this is not a course.

Scaling School isn't a here's how you scale in X amount of ways course.

Why? Because that’s not how scaling works. 

As the owner of a COO agency, my team and I have been behind the scenes of DOZENS of Internet empires. And what did they each have in common?

They used every single person on their team to hit their high revenue goals. 

Because scaling is a holistic process.

And one that needs to be customized to your core capabilities, strengths, and goals if you actually want to hit those ridiculous results. 

How It Works

The Assessment

We start with a comprehensive assessment.

Nerdy, I know.

But it’s what so many promising programs fail to do. 

We can’t help you scale with just a strategy call, questionnaire, feelings, and a formula (even if it's proven). 

We need data to move the needle in your business in a way that’s meaningful to YOUR overall growth. 

Your Academic Team

My team will analyze your assessment results and meet with you to discuss them.

Using this data, you’ll get a personalized academic schedule to ensure your scaling needs are being addressed. 

By hitting new milestones, new challenges will arise.

That’s why most businesses never scale. 

But our expert faculty roster is ready to support you, even during the stickiest pivot points so you keep trending upwards even during your biggest obstacles. 


Your Class

Scaling doesn’t happen in a bubble.

It happens alongside other students who are all in on scaling their businesses.

The strategic shifts.

The mindset resets.

The massive action. 

Scaling School students don’t settle.

And that energy on campus inspires you to study hard and continuously improve.


Meet the Principal

 Hi there, I'm Jordan.

I’ve been an online entrepreneur for a decade #basicallyadinosaur.

Since becoming an entrepreneur, I have:
- Published a book
- Launched a top 100 podcast
- Successfully sold a brand
- Been featured in dozens of media outlets 

When it comes to Easy Scaling, I generated my first 5-figure month in month 2 after launching, moved into a $50K month within 6 months, and surpassed multiple 6-figures in year 1. 

And I did it while pregnant, then juggling 2 kiddos under 2. 

What I love about my work is I scaled by helping other businesses scale.

It’s what I do every day and it lights my heart up whenever I see women breaking through ceilings that they used to stare at at night. 

But it’s not just passion that fuels me. 

Scaling is my skill.

A concept that I’m extremely comfortable with.

It’s numbers.

I’ve built a 20-person team that our 1:1 clients pay $5000 per month to work with. 

This is the first time this high-touch support is available at a strategic level for this price point. 

Because Scaling School isn’t just a program or a fix.

It’s a holistic system that sets you up for scaling. And I’m confident that this diversified support is the only way to scale your online business.


Meet the Faculty

Aka the team of experts here to guide you through obstacles, collapse time on your scaling journey, and be there for you whenever you’re entering foreign waters. 

Morgan Casper

Adjunct Professor
Visibility Department

In addition to having nearly a decade of marketing experience, Morgan also a law school graduate with a concentration in Intellectual Property, a certified life and success coach, and a lifestyle and travel blogger. 

Bella Hegarty

Tenured Professor
Operations Department

Bella revolutionizes the way founders look at their customer journey, simplifying and streamlining the internals, giving them time, headspace and a killer client experience that works as they scale or prep for exit.

Julia DeWolfe

Tenured Professor
Leadership Department

Julia is a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner and Business Coach who believes every business owner deserves to prioritize emotional wellness.

Jenny Jones

Adjunct Professor
Operations Department

Jenny leverages her expertise in streamlined systems, data-driven decision-making, and strategic planning to transform businesses from scattered and overwhelmed to focused, profitable, and balanced.

Ariana Rodriguez

Adjunct Professor
Operations Department

By streamlining processes and automating systems, Ariana empowers entrepreneurs to regain control, save valuable time, and find the right tech platforms to support their needs.

Emma-Louise Parkes

Tenured Professor
Leadership Department

Pairing her love for business strategy with a deep understanding of human psychology, behavioural science, and personal development, Emma-Louise helps you optimise your mindset to build a successful business on your terms.

Tania Pacheco

Adjunct Professor
Operations Department

Tania’s greatest satisfaction comes from making informed recommendations that provide her clients with peace of mind. She believes understanding and talking about your money is how you can manage your business effectively.

Natalie Bullen

Tenured Professor
Sales Department

Natalie teaches coaches, consultants and online service providers to raise their prices, magnify their expertise and unlock their sales genius so they can attract ready-to-buy great fit clients.

Rachel Lopez

Tenured Professor
Visibility Department

Rachel helps soulful entrepreneurs create intentional marketing strategies that attract, nurture, and convert their dream leads without fighting with the algorithm.

Sarah Lambert

Adjunct Professor
Leadership Department

Sarah helps heart-centered entrepreneurs share their work with the world by creating scalable and transformational programs and courses while becoming the best versions of themselves.

Mallory Musante

Adjunct Professor
Visibility Department

Mallory is a fractional CMO and marketing strategist focused on helping small businesses and online service providers build a marketing ecosystem that feels simple, sustainable, and actually drives growth.

Tiff Hoeft

Adjunct Professor
Planning Department

Tiff helps high-level design agencies identify, strategize, and implement solid business systems. She and her team help to lighten the load so businesses can focus on growth instead of getting stuck in the weeds of the day-to-day.

Chelsya Ashley

Adjunct Professor
Visibility Department

Chelsya Ashley is an experienced and passionate marketing strategist who has worked with over 400 companies and specializes in relationship-based marketing and data-driven strategies.

Charlotte Wright

Tenured Professor
Leadership Department

Charlotte is an Human Design Consultant and Life Coach, dedicated to helping ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs unlock their fullest potential.

Tania Bhattacharyya

Adjunct Professor
Leadership Department

Tania is the founder of a thought leadership consultancy and offers personal brand messaging strategy for LinkedIn along with coaching to dismantle imposter thoughts.

Elena Favaro Viana

Adjunct Professor
Operations Department

Elena is the founding and managing partner of a boutique law firm and a reliable legal contract template shop to get small businesses legally protected from day one.

Lucy Bedewi

Tenured Professor
Visibility Department

Lucy is a personality-driven messaging strategist and copywriter who specializes in crafting copy for businesses that want to stand out and scale. She's worked with companies ranging from growing solopreneurs to multi-million dollar brands.

Alexandra Canedo

Adjunct Professor
Operations Department

Alex has spent the last decade leading small business and startup operations and now helps mission-driven and customer-obsessed business owners gain more time, clarity, and momentum by making operations their secret sauce.

Kristen Hillman

Tenured Professor
Operations Department

Kristen has over 25 years experience in private equity investment and finance leadership roles. Her expertise lies in empowering CEOs to make informed and confident decisions while creating predictable profitability, growth, and achieving long term goals.

Jacinta Gandy

Tenured Professor
Visibility Department

Jacinta and her team excel in crafting visually striking brand identities and engaging websites to enhance brand visibility and drive revenue growth. With a decade of experience with notable agencies, Jacinta brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

Ayse Caglayan

Adjunct Professor
Visibility Department

Having created content for the likes of Amazon, Sky, Financial Times, Harrods, ASOS & Oliver Bonas over the years, Ayse has a HUGE passion for supporting businesses to take their content and marketing campaigns from mediocre to ✨mesmerising✨.

Kendall Cherry

Adjunct Professor
Visibility Department

Kendall is a Fractional CMO + messaging expert + cat enthusiast. She's also a copywriter who avoids soul-sucking marketing trends by repurposing content that creates miracle-grading marketing results, even if you have a small audience of less than 1k people.

Kimone Napier

Adjunct Professor
Operations Department

Kimone coaches founders and organizations on how to build strong teams using an intentional hiring approach. She has over 10 years of experience and believes in focusing on people over profits to deliver a better experience for you and the candidates.

Jessica Eaves Mathews

Adjunct Professor
Operations Department

Jessica is an award-winning Trademark, Branding and Intellectual Property attorney who has been practicing law for over 27 years. She has helped businesses create, protect and monetize their brands and assets.

Liku T. Amadi

Tenured Professor
Operations Department

Liku T. Amadi, Esq. is an award-winning, CA-licensed attorney. Liku works with coaches, consultants and expert service providers to establish a solid legal foundation for business with contracts, trademarks and strategies for legal protection. 

Norleena Horton

Tenured Professor
Visibility Department

Norleena injects previous corporate sales experience and love of buyer psychology into creating Facebook/Instagram ads and funnel strategies to automate quality lead flow and stress-free sales. So you have more time and energy to focus on impact and growth while designing a business that excites and fulfils you.

Nastassia Betcher

Adjunct Professor
Leadership Department

Stassi's here to open your eyes to all the shit you don’t have to carry.
Stassi is a women’s wellness coach (& licensed therapist in Oregon), and since 2016, been working with women just like you and me - convinced we have to do it all and do it perfectly.

Michelle Terpstra

Adjunct Professor
Sales Department

Sales Growth Expert and sought-after consultant for entrepreneurs Michelle Terpstra, founder of Startup Sales Leadership Institute, has helped over 1,000 companies shatter sales targets, cultivate high-performance habits, and elevate sales efficiency by building bulletproof systems and all-star sales teams. 

The Perfect Scaling School Student

  • She's done a lot of the hard work: started the business, validated the offer, and invested in her expertise. Now she's ready to get out of the day-to-day and into her CEO role
  • She's got her eye on the million-dollar mark for her business and she's ALL-IN regardless of if that takes 6 months or 6 years.
  • She's looking to truly scale her revenue and her impact as opposed to simply ‘growing’ a little by raising her prices.
  • She's about to be a force to be reckoned with in the online world.

What’s Included

Here's exactly what you’ll get inside Scaling School… 

  • In-depth, ongoing assessments of you and you business (this isn't your average survey)
  • A dedicated academic advisor to create and guide you through your custom action plan
  • Real-time access to Jordan and the entire Easy Scaling team via Slack and on live calls
  • Access to a vetted faculty of professors for personalized scaling strategies and in the moment feedback to overcome challenges
  • Every resource, template, email, checklist, and more that I’ve ever created (the Easy Scaling Library is DENSE)
  • On-demand access to a robust and comprehensive curriculum covering the 6 core competencies of the Easy Scaling Method
  • deeply supportive community of women kicking ass and celebrating together
  • Access to a secret menu of implementation projects by my team

Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster. Even when you’re crushing it. Better to make it an amusement park field trip than try to go at it alone. 

The Tuition

We accept a limited number of new students each quarter. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis and our next enrollment period will open in April 2024.

Submit your application now to lock in the lowest price.

Tuition Includes:

  • Personalized education and actionable resources on every component of The Easy Scaling Method: Leadership, Offers, Visibility, Operations, Planning, and Sales.
  • Comprehensive assessments of you and your business and and custom advising based on your results
  • Access to dozens of experts for live workshops and weekly support calls
  • Unlimited group Slack support and a high-vibe campus community
  • And more!