Creating calendar freedom in your business

#BTS | Creating calendar freedom in your business

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In this episode, I’m talking about why I'm not one to brag about how little I work. It's a trend I've noticed, with people flaunting minimal work hours, but I'm not here to judge. We're all different, with unique goals and expectations when it comes to running a business. But we all know that businesses aren’t built without hard work involved. 

The focus for me is finding balance and doing what I love while gradually reducing tasks I don't enjoy. That's why I've been implementing some simple calendar management strategies, like designating one client-free week per month and blocking off specific days for certain tasks. It's all about setting boundaries and sticking to them, even when it's tough. If you're looking to reclaim your time and optimize productivity, I hope these insights help.


  • Why the “I only work ten hours a week” formula doesn’t work
  • Understanding individual work preferences and goals
  • Balancing workloads and striving for businesses where you do what you love
  • Challenges faced during the scaling phase of a business
  • The significance of context when hearing claims of success with minimal work hours
  • Personal experiences and insights into building a successful business
  • Strategies for managing time and optimizing productivity
  • Implementing calendar management techniques to reclaim time and reduce workload
  • Setting boundaries and sticking to them to achieve a more balanced work life

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