STOP winging it. 

To Scale, You Need a Plan.

Map out your next 90 days with a quarterly plan that moves the needle toward your scaling goals.


How many days do you sign off and think, 

“What did I even do today?”

You understand the importance of planning for your business but it often looks like:

→ Creating a task list to complete by the end of next week.

→ Spending one day in December writing your business goals for the new year and calling it done.

→ Having a running list of future projects that live rent-free in your brain for “when you have time”.

There’s a difference between goals, projects, and tasks. 


If you don’t plan for all three, it’ll take a lot longer to scale and hit your big-picture goals.

You end up:

  • Thinking in terms of projects instead of tasks and end up overwhelmed with too much to do and never enough time.
  • Spinning your wheels reacting to daily fires and fail to complete the “right” needle-moving tasks.
  • Chasing goals for months if not years because you don’t have a clear implementation strategy.

The thing that all profitable and scalable businesses have in common – 

90 Day Planning


Gain clarity on your priorities and the actionable steps to reach your goals

  • Break down the projects on deck into actionable steps and daily tasks.
  • Delegate who will be doing what.
  • Optimize, restructure, and stay focused.
  • Anticipate future business needs.
  • Be more efficient.
  • Make more money.

Introducing my...


The 90 day planning formula gives you the tools and know-how to prioritize the right needle-moving tasks so you can finish every day closer to your goals.

"As CEOs, we so rarely take the time to plan out and create the strategies that are actually supporting our long term goals and vision. Planning with Jordan has been so amazing to help me reconnect to the vision and also create the plan to be able to execute it."

- Sarah Lambert

Get organized, be more efficient, and scale faster.

With the 90 Day Planning Formula, you’ll learn how to:

  • Transform your big-picture goals into actionable tasks.
  • Notice the difference between inspired ideas and shiny objects.
  • Find more time and reduce overwhelm.
  • Pinpoint what is and isn't working for more efficiency and success.
  • Optimize your schedule to streamline creation, launching, and daily operations.
  • Design an action-focused quarter to get your most important work done.


The exact planning process I use as a COO with my multi-six and seven-figure clients

1. My 90 Day Planning Process Google document.

2. A Loom walkthrough detailing my planning process.

3. Sample questions to ask yourself while making your plan.

4. A breakdown of all the planning categories to consider.

5. Details about the three lists you need to create.

6. Steps to transform your 90 day plan into 2-week sprints.

How It Works

Picking one thing, putting the pieces together, and seeing it through to the end is the hard part.

You eventually get to a point in business when saying yes to everything starts to do you a disservice.

You're a visionary.
You're an idea person.

But being a CEO requires prioritization and saying NO.

That's where 90 day planning can be a lifesaver. 

Hi, I'm Jordan

I’ve been an online entrepreneur for over a decade.

I generated my first 5-figure month only 2 months after launching Easy Scaling®, surpassed multiple 6-figures in year 1, and celebrated half a million dollars in our second calendar year.

And I did it while pregnant, then juggling 2 kiddos under 2 (with another on the way).


With a comprehensive plan.

A lot of my success and my ability to build a business that can run without me comes down to planning – one of the six core pillars of The Easy Scaling® Method that is required to scale. 

This free planning formula is the exact process we use and now you can swipe it too.

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TL;DR: It’s time to stop winging it if you’re ready to scale faster. 

And the best way to do that is with a 90 day plan.