Team Meeting | Using PR and Podcast Pitching to Get Visible

Team Meeting | Using PR and Podcast Pitching to Get Visible

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In this episode, I’m chatting with Karen Delano, an Easy Scaling team member and PR and podcast pitching expert.
She does all my own pitching and also works with our clients to secure top-notch features and podcast interviews.

We cover the visibility strategy I personally use to get featured in Business Insider, Forbes and Nasdaq. We also go over the ways we position our messaging for podcast pitching. This episode will help you learn how to leverage PR and podcast pitching to grow your audience, expand your authority, and become the brand everyone knows and trusts.

Topics discussed:

  • Karen's journey with our team from social support to specializing in visibility and PR pitching.
  • The significance of a strategic approach to visibility for business growth.
  • Details about the Sprint to Scale: Visibility Edition event, focusing on actionable steps for PR and podcast pitching.
  • The importance of mindset and confidence in overcoming barriers to visibility.
  • Insights into the collaborative process of refining messaging and pitch strategies.
  • The value of building and utilizing a pitch and messaging guide for consistent success.
  • Karen's role in providing PR opportunities and support within Scaling School.
  • Tactics for identifying and pitching to the right podcasts and media outlets.
  • Strategies for leveraging visibility successes for further growth and credibility.
  • The ongoing need for refinement and action in visibility efforts for sustained impact.

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