Team Meeting | Funnel and ad strategy

Team Meeting | Funnel and ad strategy

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In this episode, I get into the nitty-gritty of marketing funnels and ads with Norleena Horton, a member of Team Easy Scaling. As someone who's passionate about peeling back the layers of our business strategies, I thought this conversation was important to have. Norleena brings a wealth of knowledge not only as a Scaling School professor but also in handling our own marketing campaigns. We talk about our annual planning template funnel and then go into the holistic approach we take toward our marketing efforts. It's fascinating how interconnected everything is, and this chat highlighted the importance of looking at the bigger picture rather than focusing solely on individual components like ads or a single funnel.

This episode is packed with golden nuggets for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of marketing funnels, the strategic use of ads, and the overarching importance of cohesive messaging in building a successful online presence.

Topics discussed:

  • The significance of a holistic approach to marketing funnels and advertising
  • The importance of cohesive messaging throughout the marketing and sales process
  • Challenges and strategies for optimizing marketing campaigns in real-time
  • The role of data in making informed adjustments to improve campaign effectiveness
  • Understanding the interconnectedness of various marketing components for overall success
  • The impact of strategic decisions on the scalability and sustainability of marketing efforts
  • Reflections on personal experiences with marketing funnels and the lessons learned

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