2023 reflection and 2024 predictions with Julia DeWolfe

Real Talk | 2023 reflection and 2024 predictions with Julia DeWolfe

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In this episode, I’ve invited my coach and frequent podcast guest, Julia DeWolfe to take a look at the past year in the online business space and make some predictions on what’s coming up in 2024. Julia is a business and mindset coach and also a tenured professor for Scaling School. 

Julia and I talk about what we saw in the 2023 online business world, the good, the bad and the things we want to leave behind. Then we get into what we’re predicting for 2024 and what we’re planning for our own businesses. 

Topics Covered:

  • How the online business space has changed over the last year
  • What we think helped the businesses that grew in 2023
  • The pivots and changes we focused on at Easy Scaling
  • The importance of diversifying revenue
  • Focusing on validated offers before launching new things
  • Leaning into your team to continue to expand your offers
  • Paying attention to the market and what needs your business can fill
  • How making quick decisions can get your business ahead of the curve
  • My experience with Scaling School and how I had to change up my launch strategy
  • How cookie-cutter strategies and marketing have made a lot of people sound the exact same
  • Why differentiation is going to matter in 2024

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