Aligning your mindset with your annual plan

Real Talk | Aligning your mindset with your annual plan with Emma-Louise Parkes

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In this episode, I sit down with a frequent guest of the podcast, Emma-Louise Parkes. Emma-Louise is a business and mindset coach and also a tenured professor for Scaling School. If you’ve tuned in to the last few episodes of the podcast, you know that I’m big into planning for your business. (And the Easy Scaling Annual Planning Retreat is a product of that, I would love for you to join me!) But I know that planning and the mindset behind it is huge and really different for each individual. 

Emma-Louise and I cover some common mindset blocks when it comes to long-term business planning and how to overcome them. We get into how bandwidth affects the ability to plan and knowing how to set yourself up for success when it comes to a planning session. Emma-Louise also talks about her own experience with setting a plan and taking action and staying consistent, even when it didn’t produce fast results. I can’t wait for you to listen!

Topics Covered:

  • Why planning can seem so difficult and overwhelming
  • What to do when you’ve been unsuccessful in sticking with plans in the past
  • How to prepare yourself for a planning session to show up as your best CEO self
  • Setting up your schedule to have the bandwidth for big picture planning
  • The mindset needed to be consistent with a plan
  • Keeping your perspective positive
  • Why you should be surrounding yourself with people further ahead than you
  • Making goals that stretch your comfort zone
  • The importance of the “belief” piece of planning and expanding the idea of what is possible for you and your business
  • How your past planning self doesn’t have to inform your future ability to plan and carry out new action
  • Why stretch goals make a bigger impact in your planning process
  • Good, better, best goal setting approach as a concept to help get out of safe goal setting mindset
  • Learning from missed goals and building on them instead of letting it crush you
  • How to get back on your plan if you’ve fallen off 

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