3 myths about scaling your business

Real Talk | 3 myths about scaling your business

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In this episode, I'm going straight to the heart of the misconceptions that are holding entrepreneurs back. Drawing on my decade-long journey as an entrepreneur and a behind-the-scenes fractional COO, I’m shedding light on the genuine, often unspoken challenges of scaling a business.

Topics discussed:

  • My background and motivation for debunking common scaling myths.
  • Myth #1 - Scaling Without Hard Work: My perspective on the essentiality of hard work in scaling, supported by statistics on women-owned businesses.
  • My views on the importance of having trusted advisors and a team for successful scaling.
  • I get into the statistical data to illustrate the impact of team building on business revenue.
  • Myth #2 - Needing to Do Everything to Scale: My frustration with the misconception that business owners need to handle everything themselves to scale.
  • My personal struggle with patience in business and the importance of strategic action.
  • Identifying Key Actions for Scaling: The process we use in Scaling School to pinpoint specific actions for business growth.
  • Custom Academic Advising in Scaling School: The unique advising approach we offer, focusing on tailored action items for each quarter.
  • Myth #3 - A Perfect Path to Scale: My criticism of the one-size-fits-all approach and advocating for a custom scaling plan.

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