#BTS | Our $111k beta launch and changes to the podcast

#BTS | Our $111k beta launch and changes to the podcast

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In today's episode, I’m talking about the launch of Scaling School and new updates to the podcast. I will get into the process of creating Scaling School, what the timeline and investments looked like to get started, and the overall process. For the podcast, I’m introducing two brand series, the professor series and office hours, where I’ll be coaching business owners through real issues so that we can all learn and grow. 

Topics discussed:

  • My approach to the podcast one year in
  • How I chose the two new series and why I’m excited to dive into them
  • The power of honest conversations 
  • My favorite way to show up and share information
  • The Professor Series vs. Office Hours
  • The timeline of the Scaling School launch
  • Why our membership wasn’t the offer that scaled effectively
  • How I developed the idea of Scaling School and leveraged my business assets
  • Developing a unique offer that helps sell itself
  • Why utilizing my network made a big difference in this offer
  • Why the onboarding process doesn’t have to be perfect to get started
  • The investments I made (financial and time) to set Scaling School’s offer and launch up for success

Links/Resources Mentioned:

  • Apply to be an Office Hours podcast guest
  • Learn about Scaling School: The holistic, everything-you-need program for sustainable scaling that includes custom education, high-touch support, and real-time strategy for entrepreneurs on the path to scale.

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