#Convo | No BS selling with Natalie Bullen

Convo | No BS selling with Natalie Bullen

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In this episode, we talk about sales and pricing strategy. We also wade into the complete BS that surrounds selling in the online business space. Natalie just hit a huge sales milestone in her own business, and she shares her mindset and strategies around how she achieved this major goal. 

Topics discussed:

  1. The traditional sales model vs. how we need to look at selling in the age of online businesses
  2. How selling your valuable service or products should be viewed as helping others
  3. Taking the personal feelings out of your sales process
  4. Why sales scripts don’t work
  5. How big brands unapologetically ask for sales and no one is bothered by it at all
  6. Pricing strategies and psychology and why they matter 
  7. The importance of knowing how much your service actually costs to deliver
  8. Taking pricing advice from the right people (and who NOT to take advice from)
  9. Natalie’s strategies for hitting her milestone sales month
  10.  Why Scaling School is such a powerful resource

Links/Resources Mentioned:

Learn about Scaling School: The holistic, everything-you-need program for sustainable scaling that includes custom education, high-touch support, and real-time strategy for entrepreneurs on the path to scale.

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Connect with this week’s guest, Natalie Bullen:

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