#BTS | Behind the scenes of my 10 year business journey and evolution

#BTS | Behind the scenes of my 10 year business journey and evolution

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Tune in to this episode to hear me chat with my very good friend Emma-Louise Parkes, a mindset coach and consultant for introverts. We’re flipping the script and letting her ask the questions today as we sit down and chat about my business background and give you an introduction to Scaling School.

In this episode, we cover a lot of ground including how I got started in the online business world, what I’m passionate about and how Scaling School came to be. I’m excited for you to hear more about what Scaling School includes and how the customizations and assessments will create a completely unique experience for each student.

Topics discussed:

  1. Starting my first business
  2. Learning and growing through it and eventually selling it when it wasn’t aligned with what I wanted to do anymore
  3. How I built my second business with a friend, creating an in-person business mastermind
  4. My confidence and growth throughout the process
  5. How Easy Scaling has been on a quick path of growth because of my past business experiences
  6. The Easy Scaling Method and how it helps set the foundation of Scaling School
  7. How there is no one thing that will make your business successful
  8. Finding the right offer that is aligned with you and how you want your business to function is key
  9. Looking at your business as a complex, holistic system and how that helps determine what steps to take next
  10. What stage of business you should be in to be a good fit for Scaling School

Links/Resources Mentioned:

Learn about Scaling School: The holistic, everything-you-need program for sustainable scaling that includes custom education, high-touch support, and real-time strategy for entrepreneurs on the path to scale.
Connect with Jordan Schanda King:

Connect with my interviewer, Emma-Louise Parkes:

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