Reframing your mindset blocks into beliefs

Real Talk | Reframing your mindset blocks into beliefs

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In this episode, we’re talking about mindset blocks and how we should actually be approaching them. Julia gets into the issue with blocks vs. framing them as beliefs instead and how this helps you move past them. This is just a peek into what Julia will be teaching inside Scaling School. 

My guest is Julia DeWolfe, she is one of my coaches, a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practitioner, and what she calls an 'everything coach' for entrepreneurs.

Julia is a regular guest on the podcast and together we explore the more emotional side of business ownership and dig into many of the things that I've personally struggled with or overcome in my own business.

Topics discussed:

  • Why we should be reframing mindset blocks into beliefs
  • How to ask the right questions to help you look at the next steps, instead of getting stuck
  • My experience with my belief about what maternity leave should look like and shifting those expectations
  • How the word  “should” can be a red flag that you need to examine your belief around something
  • How your own coping behaviors can make your beliefs feel more real
  • Recognizing cognitive distortions can lead to examining other evidence to see your beliefs may not be true
  • Coming from a place of understanding instead of fixing
  • Understanding your beliefs can lead you to a path of working past them
  • Moving past beliefs requires putting in the work and taking action
  • How Julia is teaching these methods in detail in Scaling School

Links/Resources Mentioned:

Learn about Scaling School: The holistic, everything-you-need program for sustainable scaling that includes custom education, high-touch support, and real-time strategy for entrepreneurs on the path to scale.


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