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In today's episode, I’m talking about all things time and calendar management and what works for me. We all know how important time management is but it’s usually easier said than done to actually implement real changes. If you’re constantly feeling drained and that your calendar is chaos, you aren’t alone. But luckily there are practices you can try to help gain control over your schedule. 

Time and calendar management tips that I use to keep my schedule on track:

  • Designate days for specific types of calls. This helps me focus on what I need to do each day without having to completely switch gears to different aspects of my business. 
  • Block out my calendar for 1-3 weeks based on what’s going on in my personal life. For example, if I have 4 calls scheduled in a day, I’ll go in and block off the rest of my day so that I don’t schedule anything else and end up overwhelmed. 
  • Cancel and reschedule liberally. I give myself permission to cancel and reschedule as needed based on my schedule as it changes. I try really hard to not reschedule client calls, but the rest I try to keep flexible. 
  • Tracking my cycle. Cycle syncing is a game changer when it comes to creating a calendar and schedule you can follow through on. Check out Julia’s episode on cycle syncing to learn more. 
  • Once per month, I block an entire week off as my “client off week” and I plan ahead for 3-6 months so that my client and mastermind calls are skipped for those weeks.
  • Keeping a running list of tasks in my notes app. I can access it on my phone and computer and check it throughout the day and use it to prioritize my tasks. 
  • I encourage my clients to set a monthly focus. That’s a bigger picture view on the entire month that answers the question: if nothing else got done this month, what should I get done that would still make the entire month feel like a success? This helps keep your mindset on the things that really matter in your business. 

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