How to cycle sync your business and tap into your hormonal superpowers with Julia DeWolfe

How to cycle sync your business and tap into your hormonal superpowers with Julia DeWolfe



Tune in as we discuss syncing your business up with your cycle and how that can make everything in your business flow more effortlessly. We dive into what cycle syncing is, tips and tools for making cycle syncing easier, and practical examples to help you implement it in your life and business.

My guest is Julia DeWolfe, she is one of my coaches, a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practitioner, and what she calls an 'everything coach' for entrepreneurs.

Julia is a regular guest on the podcast and together we explore the more emotional side of business ownership and dig into many of the things that I've personally struggled with or overcome in my own business.


Topics discussed:

  • Misconceptions around what cycle syncing is
  • The two main events of your cycle: Your period and ovulation
  •  The Luteal Crisis - what it is and when you can expect it
  • We don’t need to be fixed, we need to be understood
  • How you might potentially feel during each of the phases of your cycle
  • The best time to do sales calls, videos, podcasting, or trainings
  • Types of tasks that might be a better fit for each part of your cycle
  •  The way that you feel as you get closer to your period is still valid
  • How you can chunk tasks into categories for each phase of your cycle
  • When in your cycle you’re most creative
  • Surprising ways that your hormones can affect you
  • What do people do if they aren't having a cycle?


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