5 time-saving hacks for creating SOPs

5 time-saving hacks for creating SOPs


SOPs can quite literally transform your business (speaking from experience), but finding the time to actually create them can feel impossible...

The good news is that it doesn't have to be all on YOU as the business owner to do it! There are lots of ways to get help, or save time in the process.

Here are a few techniques I LOVE to utilize for creating SOPs that require little time on my part – some can be handled mostly or entirely by my team!


5 Time-Saving Hacks for Creating  SOP's


1. Videos

With this method, you or someone on your team would record short, actionable screenshare videos that walk through the process. These can then be transcribed into a written format. This combo is one of my favorite methods because not only will you have a written SOP, you will also have a training video to support it

My favorite tool for creating a screenshare video is Loom because all you have to do the next time you sit down to "do the thing" is click record and start working on the tasks, narrating as you go.

This is a great way to show the process from start to finish, providing nuanced information about exactly how you like certain things done, AND it's flexible enough to allow you to add in information you may have forgotten about until you were actually doing the task.

BTW, even if you don't think a video is the final form that the SOP needs to take, I still suggest starting here for most SOPs.

Why? Because you can do lots of things with the video once it's done.

  1. You can transcribe it and turn it into a checklist or step-by-step guide to go with the video (or to replace it).
  2. You can send it directly to the person you're training and have THEM create a more detailed document from the video. BOOM - ultimate hack!
  3. You can rewatch it and jot down notes or ideas on what you'd change in the future

No matter what, it's a great starting point to getting that SOP created!


2. Interview Style

Likely the most time consuming method on your part, this one would involve meeting with your team member(s) and having them interview you on the process that needs to be documented.

This is mostly just a helpful way to hold yourself accountable to walk through the process, while making it easier for you to get the information out of your head (don't forget to record the interview!). Note: This is MY personal favorite method to use with my COO clients when creating their SOPs for them.


3. Written Documentation

You can of course do this yourself, but if you have a team, you can assign SOP creation directly to your team members, especially if they're the ones regularly doing the tasks! 

TBH, some of my greatest SOPs have started as something that a team member took the initiative to create and then we were able to easily optimize/customize it into its final form.


4. Templates

This is a huge time saver! Getting your hands on a template SOP is a great shortcut for some of those common business tasks.

If you want to see what a template looks like, or get started using one, grab my Client Onboarding SOP Template!


5. Outsource It

Okay, here's your last option. Hire someone to create your SOPs for you. Heyo! That's me and my team! We take care of ALL the tedious behind-the-scenes operations for you (including your SOPs, of course)!

Want to learn more? Book a consult with me here.


I hope these time-saving tips help you with your SOP creation! Best of luck and reach out if I can help in any way!



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