Maternity leave planning then and now

Team Meeting | Maternity leave planning then and now



In this episode, I discuss how I'm preparing for my second maternity leave and the lessons learned from the first. Joined by Andrea, we talk about setting up our business to function smoothly in my absence. Andrea has grown from a VA to heading client services, and we explore what that transition entails.

We go into the specifics of how we've adapted our business model to handle my absence effectively. This includes adjusting team roles, setting up new communication protocols, and implementing systems that ensure all operations continue seamlessly. Andrea's role evolution is just one example of how our team is stepping up to maintain, and even enhance, our client relationships and service quality during this period.


  • Effective maternity leave planning that keeps the business stable
  • Empowering team members by expanding their roles
  • Overcoming feelings of guilt when stepping back
  • Delegating responsibilities while ensuring client satisfaction
  • Using maternity leave as a test to strengthen business operations
  • Communicating with clients about transitions to maintain trust
  • Encouraging team autonomy and confident decision-making
  • Continually refining processes based on feedback
  • Recognizing team growth opportunities during leadership absence
  • Preparing the team for more responsibility when I'm not available

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