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How to use Facebook ads to scale to 7-figures quickly with Jennifer Spivak

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In today's episode, we’re talking about what Facebook ads can and cannot do, the importance of messaging and positioning your offer, and the impacts of scaling to seven figures quickly. We dive into the nitty gritty of funnels, the difference between DFY and DIY buyers, trends in launching, the book a call funnel that got me started, and more!

Jennifer Spivak is the CEO & Founder of The Ad Girls, a female-focused Facebook & Instagram Advertising agency. Named a Top Facebook Ads Manager to Watch and called the ”Conversion Queen” by Forbes, Jennifer is on a mission to help amplify women’s voices in the world through the powerful medium of Facebook Ads. She and her team have generated over $50,000,000 for their hundreds of notable clients worldwide!

Topics discussed: 

  • The role Facebook ads played in getting my business started
  • The magic of a “book a call” funnel
  • When it makes sense to spend money on FB ads
  • What ads are specifically designed to do
  • Recommended Facebook Ad spend per month
  • The difference between DFY and DIY buyers
  • Why messaging and positioning your offer is critical
  • Looking at your offer and funnel from your buyer’s perspective
  • Ego trips when scaling from 6 figures to multiple 7 figures
  • Finding the perfect middle ground of client involvement as a CEO
  • Training your team on context and principle-based decision making
  • Messaging vs audience targeting and the impact of the IOS 14 update
  • Advice for testing passive funnels with Facebook Ads
  • Looking at trends for freebies, webinars, and live launching
  • How the Ads landscape has changed and things NOT to do in your funnel
  • Making your CTAs clear and accessible 
  • Remembering what Facebook ads can and cannot do

Links/resources mentioned:

  • Millionaire Dollar Agency - Jennifer’s program that helps you create the exact Book a Call funnel we talk about in this episode!
  • EverywhereAF - Jennifer’s mini-course on messaging and FB retargeting.

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Reviews really help us out! As a thank you, I'll share my 90-Day Planning Formula ($97 Value) if you submit a screenshot of your 5-star review below.