Office Hours | Goal-setting for success

Office Hours | Goal-setting for success

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In today's episode, I’m talking about effective goal-setting with Scaling School student, Jillian Anderson. Jillian is in the process of building her copywriting business and has some lofty goals for 2024.

We chat through her main goals, what that looks like in clients needed for each of her offers, where her focus should be to achieve them and so much more. If you’re interested in a real look at goal-setting and mapping out your year this episode is definitely worth a listen!

Topics discussed:

  • What it looks like to set goals and plans when your business is still new
  • Focusing on sustainability when goal setting and scaling
  • Planning for not only your business’s future but your own financial future
  • Why you should be breaking your goals down by quarter to manage and track them better
  • How building a team factors into your goal setting
  • Why data collection and reflection are valuable in any planning process
  • The benefits of setting realistic and big goals for your business
  • Factoring in the client acquisition process to your plans
  • Optimizing processes to allow you to hit your goals

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