Using your Human Design to support your business with Charlotte Wright

Professor Series | Using your Human Design to support your business with Charlotte Wright

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In this episode, I’ve invited tenured Scaling School Professor, Charlotte Wright to talk about all things Human Design. Tuning into my Human Design has been a game changer in how I run my own business, so I’m so excited for Charlotte to podcast guest. 

Charlotte started as a life coach and then added Human Design after seeing business owners try to replicate strategies in their business and finding it does not work because it doesn’t align with how they’re designed to work. Tapping into your Human Design helps you figure out what you’re really great at, how to properly use your energy, and how to make decisions that serve you better. 

Topics discussed:

  1. How important it is to do things aligned with your chart and your energy to grow your business and avoid burnout
  2. Following step-by-step processes to copy other people’s strategies and how that just doesn’t work 
  3. Every aspect of your business should be custom to you
  4. An overview of the different types in Human Design 
  5. Being able to evaluate what strategies are aligned with your business
  6. Creating content based on your unique design
  7. Your design should be used to support you, not limit you
  8. Getting used to listening to your design and following where it leads you
  9. Understanding what you’ve been conditioned to do, vs. what is aligned with you 
  10.  Living your design isn’t a quick process, it’s something you work towards long-term

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