Messaging and marketing to your ideal audience

Office Hours | Messaging and marketing to your ideal audience

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In today's Office Hours episode, I’m chatting with Nequosha Anderson about so many things including messaging and marketing. She is an attorney helping business owners with their legal needs online and she’s also absolutely hilarious. We go over the clients she needs to be focused on marketing to, her offers, and matching the processes to the type of buyer you want to attract. 

Topics discussed:

  1. Showing up in your business as a CEO
  2. Making sure your pricing and offers make sense with your revenue goals
  3. Not everything in your business requires sacrifice
  4. Different types of buyers and their habits 
  5. Using a continuation model to keep clients invested in your business
  6. Planning your offers to be scalable
  7. How to fill offers behind the scenes with personalized marketing
  8. Where to present your pricing in the sales process
  9. Creating alignment between your business and your personality 
  10.  Why you should be cutting yourself some slack
  11.  Delegating where you can and working with your strengths
  12.  The power of quarterly and annual planning
  13.  Making decisions from a place of intention

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