Getting the most out of your email marketing with Rachel Lopez

Professor Series | Getting the most out of your email marketing with Rachel Lopez

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In this episode, I'm excited to talk to Rachel Lopez, founder of Gal Marketing Agency. Rachel has spent the last 10 years helping businesses start, grow, and expand their email lists into thriving strategies for their marketing stack. 

We get into so many email marketing topics that will be helpful to entrepreneurs at any phase in their business. Rachel explains how email marketing should be part of every business owner’s process and how it fits in with other marketing channels. We talk about what sequences you really need to have in place and even get into the analytics side of email campaign performance. 

Topics discussed:

  1. Why intention is key in email marketing
  2. The importance of having a stack of marketing tactics and not just focusing on one platform
  3. How a quarterly audit of your email sequences can be powerful for your business
  4. The industry standards for open and click rates
  5. How utilizing tagging and segments can give you insight into how your list and audience behaves
  6. Constantly evaluating if your emails are supporting your overall strategy
  7. Not forgetting to add value to your emails
  8. The holistic view of your content and how it can be applied to your email list
  9. How structure can help you create stronger emails
  10. The difference in how your emails should look normally vs. during a launch or promotion period
  11. Not making things too complicated; Simplicity isn’t a bad thing
  12. Using A/B testing to try different things and see what resonates with your audience
  13. Why tracking your insights and analytics is so important

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