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Today’s episode features Alison, a strength, conditioning + nutrition coach for people who want to be more active, athletic, and durable through midlife and beyond. She supports people at different levels of activity and wants to make sure her offers show that. 

In this episode of office hours, we are breaking down Alison’s offer and launch process. We talk about her current audience, ways she can bring in new leads, and what her offer can look like with a recurring launch. We break down her current offer, how often she’s opening it, and how it could run in the future. I also get into my approach to freebies and lead magnets and what I recommend for higher converting options. 

Topics discussed:

  1. How everyone gets jitters before a launch
  2. Beta launching and how that launch should be used to inform any future offer launches
  3. Launching to your audience in different phases, personally, via waitlists, etc
  4. Why you should have your offer’s checkout page ready as soon as you start talking about it
  5. The length of a program/container and how it should affect your plan for launching
  6. How raising your rates won’t cause your clients to drop off
  7. Which lead magnets generate more leads
  8. Why quizzes make great freebies
  9. How challenges can help you rise to the occasion
  10. Differentiating to your audience exactly how unique your offers are
  11. Timing your launch with ad campaigns
  12. Testing is vital step of the launch process and if something doesn’t work you can always change it
  13. How to shift expectations for your content allowing you to produce more

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