Matching your business big picture to your offers

Office Hours | Matching your business big picture to your offers

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I'm pumped to have Ruthie on today’s episode of Office Hours. Ruthie had planned on getting coaching on her messaging, and we took the conversation in a completely different direction. We started talking about her recent launches and current offers and that led to some changes in her product suite then, before we wrapped up, we went over some of the messaging for her business.

In this episode of office hours, we get super specific about who Ruthie is actually serving with her current offers and talk through if that really speaks to her ideal client. She originally started out with the vision of owning an agency and drew back that offer when she hit some common issues in the agency model. We talk through her ideas and what she actually wants to offer and I even look through her website and go over some quick updates she could make on her website to match her updated messaging. 

Topics discussed:

  1. Sometimes new offers need time and promotion to get off the ground
  2. Testing different messaging and positioning during the launch phase of your offers
  3. Taking the feedback and conversations you’re having about your product and use it for content ideas to attract customers who actually align with your offer
  4. Failure is part of building a business
  5. Make sure you’re keeping the big picture of your business in mind when you’re creating and promoting offers so that they align
  6. Don’t create your offers and content for people who can’t afford to work with you
  7. You can’t solve everyone’s problem for free when you’re trying to build your own business
  8. Keep the scalability and sustainability of your offers in mind if you want to continue to grow
  9. Your client’s success is not how you should determine your worth
  10. Making mindset work part of a constant practice if you’re hitting a roadblock
  11. Creating an agency takes infrastructure right from the beginning


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