Maximizing your client’s experience with Bella Hegarty

Professor Series | Maximizing your client’s experience with Bella Hegarty

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In this episode, I'm thrilled to have Bella Hegarty as a guest. Bella is a a client experience and operations expert and one of our tenured professors inside of Scaling School. Bella revolutionizes the way that founders look at their customer journey.

We're going to explore the fundamental aspects of client experience, dispelling myths and getting to the core of what truly matters. It's not just about adding a few bells and whistles; it's about understanding how your client experience shapes your business ecosystem. We'll cover everything from attracting clients to delivering exceptional service, and even the behind-the-scenes operations that drive it all.

Topics discussed:

  1. Importance of client experience in business growth
  2. Philosophy of client experience and its relationship-based nature
  3. Defining client experience beyond just superficial gestures
  4. Encompassing the entire customer journey and back-end operations
  5. The misconception of client experience as only pre-sale and post-delivery
  6. The role of data collection in identifying pain points and issues
  7. Adapting and refining client experiences based on data and feedback
  8. The balance between focusing on oneself and meeting client needs
  9. The iterative process of improving and adapting offers over time
  10. Importance of aligning offers with personal passion and joy

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