Moving the needle in your business with Mackenzie Griffith

Office Hours | Moving the needle in your business with Mackenzie Griffith

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I'm excited to kick off my new office hours segment with Mackenzie Griffith. She is a strength and nutrition coach who helps active, adventurous folks build bodies that can handle any challenge. 

In this episode of office hours, she wanted to discuss her current offers and where she should be focusing her energy that actually helps move the needle in her business. I can’t wait for you to listen to get the in-depth convo for a real conversation and coaching around launching, promoting, and exactly what that looks like. Timelines included!

Topics discussed:

  1. Why Mackenzie feels like she has a small audience of potential students and how her promotion style is leading to a trickle of new clients
  2. Planning incentives and urgency to encourage early bird sign-ups
  3. Looking at what the current clients really want
  4. Brainstorming new types of ideas like a virtual retreat or workshop that would be exciting to potential clients and a perk for current clients.
  5. How do people respond to “bonus time” vs. a discount
  6. We work together to create a launch plan and timeline 
  7. Should pricing info come before or during a sales call

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Connect with this week’s guest, Mackenzie Griffith

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