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Tune in to this episode to hear me chat with Kaci Ackerman. Kaci went from dental office manager to running a six-figure business in less than two years. She’s a certified business manager and ClickUp expert. She’s worked with over a thousand business owners to streamline their businesses.  

In this episode, we geek out about all things systems and SOPs, which I loved. We also got into the specifics of setting up your team up for success. Team building is such an important aspect of scaling a business that gets frequently overlooked, but not today!

Topics discussed:

  1. Why Kaci keeps a lean team and how she’s up her business to function that way
  2. Working with contractors vs. employees
  3. Different types of contracts: hourly, retainer, flat-rate
  4. Choosing team needs based on your specific offers
  5. Where you should start when building your team
  6. The power of a good virtual assistant
  7. Determining where you can actually outsource in your day-to-day activities
  8. Think of the long-term goals of your business when building a team, not just what you need right now
  9. Breaking down training a new hire into action steps
  10.  How much you and your team can benefit from a well-thought-out SOP.

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