Uncovering how to best invest in your business with Grace Blacksea

Convo | Uncovering how to best invest in your business with Grace Blacksea

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Tune in to this episode to hear me chat with Grace Blacksea. Grace is the founder of Quench Collective, a community for like-minded leaders who believe in doing business *differently*. 

In this episode, we talk about how to cut through some of the noise in the online space that can sometimes make things confusing and lead us to investments that aren’t the best for our businesses. 

Topics discussed:

  1. The balance between trusting your gut and doing your research on business investments
  2. Learning the type of container/program that works best for you
  3. The importance of honesty and transparency in sales and online marketing
  4. Feeling stuck inside an investment
  5. Determining your specific needs before looking for a solution
  6. Setting boundaries around what you choose to invest in
  7. The good and bad of sales calls
  8. Investments should make you feel good and excited, not bad or worried

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