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How to run a successful agency and serve corporate clients with Donata White

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In today's episode, we’re talking about running a successful agency, stepping into your CEO role, and why we should stop being “anti-corporate.” 

My guest is Donata White, the CEO of Coffee Date Media, a social media marketing and content production agency. Once a burnt-out attorney in New York City, she started her blog and YouTube channel in 2012 as a creative outlet -- never dreaming it would become so much more.

Now she leads a multi-six-figure business and team of 10, working with billion-dollar corporations and solo entrepreneurs alike. Her life did a full 180, and she left her draining job in the big city 4 years ago to run CDM full time from her 40-acre farm. Donata believes in combining solid strategy with a think-big mindset to create the life of your dreams. 

Donata regularly works with billion-dollar corporations so we talk a lot about pitching and specifically pitching corporate clients (and why it’s easier than you think). 


Topics discussed:

  • Why you should always “stay pitching” and a step by step pitch template to use
  • Finding the right person and leveraging connections to pitch corporations
  • Why running an agency is so much fun (and a little woo woo detour)
  • How we’ve both made the shift from agency to “coaching” and why it feels legit
  • Our experiences with hustle culture and burning out
  • Building a business that doesn’t rely solely on you as the CEO
  • Why pitching corporate is a lot easier than you think
  • How agency owners and service providers can leverage job alerts
  • A mindblowing statistic about how small businesses are defined


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