Effective outsourcing + delegation

#101 | Effective outsourcing + delegation

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In today's episode, I’m chatting about how to outsource and delegate in a way that actually moves the needle in your business. It’s important to make sure you’re outsourcing the right things in a way that helps you scale your business. I know it can feel tough to hand off tasks, but if you’re approaching it in the correct way it will save you time and energy.

Topics discussed:

  • What are the right and wrong things to outsource
  • How to actually hand over control when you decide to delegate tasks
  • Just because you can do it faster doesn’t mean it saves you time or money in the long run
  • The false narrative that you’re the only one who can do things the right way
  • Your team can actually come up with new and better ways 
  • Not using your time wisely and doing the things that only YOU can do
  • Hiring can feel overwhelming but don’t let that stop you from outsourcing
  • Get clear on your priorities so that you’re outsourcing the things that you really need help with
  • Four action steps to get you ready to outsource successfully  

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