#BTS | The 6 places my high ticket clients come from

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In today's episode, I’m talking about the exact places my clients come from. As I’ve built Easy Scaling the last 18 months, I’ve carefully tracked exactly where my high-ticket clients are finding me. It’s important to me that I show up in places that make sense for me AND my business. I like to see where each of my clients is coming from so that I can make choices based on what is actually moving the needle in my business. I also want to make sure I’m not spending my time and money in areas that don’t grow the business as much as some would think. 

Topics discussed:

  1. The exact breakdown of where my clients have come from (including percentages for each)
  2. Where and how I show up to make the biggest impact on gaining high ticket clients
  3. How paid ads and organic networking have factored into my growth
  4. Why you should be evaluating where your clients come from

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