Embracing your unique path to success with Ashton Smith

Embracing your unique path to success with Ashton Smith

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In this conversation, we dive into:

🎧 Ashton’s business journey and the trajectory she followed to this point (it’s definitely not the “usual” route you’d expect!)

🎧 How she started her business with a very unconventional first offer

🎧 Why her unique path led to building a sustainable business and cracking the code on attracting high ticket clients

🎧 How she picked one idea and stuck with it for a year (honestly, I can't even imagine being able to do this)

🎧 The massive investments (we’re talking $20k+) and the massive failures she made (plus the lessons learned from these mistakes and setbacks)

🎧 Raw conversation around icky marketing (you know the type!) and how to scale without losing the depth you have with your clients

And so, so much more!

It’s such a FAB conversation - very real and honest and the themes we touch on NEED to be heard, especially if you’re just starting out.

Go listen today on your fave podcast platform👂

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