Money | Thinking differently about money with Amanda Burg

Money | Thinking differently about money with Amanda Burg

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This episode is part of our mini-series all about money. Tune in as we get deep in the weeds about how much we're making, how much we're spending, and how that's evolved since we started. I'm very appreciative of all of my guests who were brave enough to show up on this series and talk transparently about all things money.

In this episode, we’re talking with Amanda Burg, the Founder and Creative Director of Liberty Type, a Knoxville based creative agency. Since 2016, Amanda and her all female team have helped small business owners better describe what they do and stand out online through copywriting, brand and web design, and 1:1 marketing services. When she's not running her six-figure agency, Amanda is a wife and mom of two.

Topics discussed:

  • The importance of paying your team well
  • What she considers when hiring 
  • The financial goals for Liberty Type
  • How she built a 6-figure business with a newborn
  • Her worries about hitting 7-figures

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