Finding Clients | Aligned visibility and sales with Anna Rapp

Finding Clients | Aligned visibility and sales with Anna Rapp

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This episode is part of our mini-series all about finding clients. Tune in as we discuss all the ways to find clients in the online space and get real about what works and what doesn’t. You’ll hear practical strategies and transparent conversations about where clients really come from so that you can hopefully find more clients and just feel normal about where you’re at now.

In this episode, we’re talking with Anna Rapp. Anna is a Business Mentor + Mindset Coach, mama to two and founder of the Heart Centered Entrepreneur Podcast and Community. Anna lives in San Diego but coaches ambitious women internationally to help them launch and grow their service based businesses so that they can have wild, profitable, monetary success... but without compromising what matters most to them like their values and showing up for their family.

Topics discussed:

  • Shamelessly talking about what you do vs. being afraid of looking silly
  • Giving a lot of free value
  • Stacking and layering marketing strategies
  • Confidence in selling comes from serving your clients well
  • Leaning into marketing strategies based on personality
  • Not outsourcing your content until you’re ready
  • Empowered hiring vs. throwing money at problems
  • Picking one visibility and one sales strategy
  • Sticking to your strategies for 90 days
  • Going full out to get data instead of giving up too soon
  • Keeping your mindset in check while launching
  • The importance of urgency when selling
  • Making sure that you actually like your offers
  • It’s okay if you want to do something totally different
  • Do what works for you AND your clients
  • Differentiating between internal and external visibility

Top tip or advice for finding clients:

Make sure you’re aligned with your offers.That’s the biggest thing that doesn't get talked about enough when it comes to signing clients.

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