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How to make marketing easier by deeply understanding your audience with Emma-Louise Parkes

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In today's episode, we’re talking with Emma-Louise Parkes, a self-confessed ambitious introvert, empath, and highly sensitive entrepreneur. We dive into all things marketing, the importance of market research and how to get people to participate, our mutual dislike of bro-marketing and formulaic marketing strategies, and how much easier marketing is when you have the right information from your audience.

Emma-Louise is an internationally recognized certified online business consultant and NLP master practitioner with accreditations in EFT/TFT. She’s also the host of the award winning podcast, The Ambitious Introvert®. Having built her six-figure brand in under three years without previous business experience, Emma-Louise is proof that when you take aligned action, you can scale your business with ease and speed.

Emma-Louise’s mission is to help her clients embrace their ambitious introvert nature, stay in their zone of genius, and impact more people with their profitable, sustainable businesses.


Topics discussed:

  • The lightbulb moment of discovering exactly what you’re meant to do
  • Why audiences need to feel X, Y, & Z before they feel safe to invest in you
  • Our mutual dislike of bro-marketing and formulaic marketing strategies
  • The importance of market research for deeply understanding your audience
  • How to conduct market research yourself (and how to get people to participate)
  • A mindblowing discovery that one specific market research question can lead to
  • Putting yourself in your clients’ shoes to design a safe and effective client journey
  • Why free calls might not be working for you as a marketing strategy
  • Not making meaning from how people engage or don’t engage in your content
  • Taking in every little bit of feedback (even silence) to refine your marketing


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