Real Talk | How to move through failure with Jordan + Julia

Real Talk | How to move through failure with Jordan + Julia

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In this episode, we’re talking all about failure. We dive into how I define it, my approach to failure, the biggest fails I’ve experienced, what I’ve learned, the support I tap into to get through failure and more…

My guest is Julia DeWolfe, she is one of my coaches, a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practitioner, and what she calls an 'everything coach' for entrepreneurs.

Julia is a regular guest on the podcast and together we explore the more emotional side of business ownership and dig into many of the things that I've personally struggled with or overcome in my own business.

Topics discussed:

  • The different types of failure: big and small
  • Experiencing a failure vs. feeling like a failure
  • Perfectionism and small mistakes
  • Understanding that your brain is always looking for evidence
  • Guilt vs. shame
  • The uniqueness of being a woman and a business owner
  • Financial failures and the deepest darkest time in my business
  • Running worst case scenarios to help you get objective
  • Expecting good things on the other side of bad things
  • Navigating the space between the logical and emotional brain
  • Figuring out what type of support you need in your business
  • The 3 things MOST business owners struggle with
  • Failure is normal so learn to love it ;-)

Resources Mentioned:

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