Failure | Cutting your losses with Liz Wilcox

Failure | Cutting your losses with Liz Wilcox

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This episode is part of our mini-series all about failure. Tune in as we discuss how our guests approach failure, the biggest fails they’ve experienced, what they learned, the support they tap into to get through failure and more…

In this episode, we’re talking with Liz Wilcox. The Fresh Princess of Email Marketing, Liz Wilcox is an Email Strategist and Keynote Speaker showing small businesses how to build online relationships + make real money with emails. She’s best known for selling a blog, turning a $9 offer into multiple six-figures (without ads), and helping you untangle the email “knot” with pop culture references. She loves the 90s, headbands, and the beach. 

What comes to mind when Liz hears the word failure:

Knowledge. "It's not failing, it's just moving you on a different path with more knowledge" cliche but true.

Topics discussed:

  • Losing yourself in your business
  • Navigating partnerships
  • Why it’s all about what you learn from it
  • Not forcing yourself to do things that aren’t authentic to you
  • Two critical questions to ask yourself to help with decision making

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