Taking rejection as redirection with Jen Hartmann

Failure | Taking rejection as redirection with Jen Hartmann

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This episode is part of our mini-series all about failure. Tune in as we discuss how our guests approach failure, the biggest fails they’ve experienced, what they learned, the support they tap into to get through failure and more…

In this episode, we’re talking with Jen Hartmann. Jen is the CEO of NEAT Marketing, where she has worked with companies of all sizes – including startups and billion dollar companies— to launch new products, boost brand awareness and drive website traffic through innovative campaigns. She has worked with over 240 brands since launching NEAT in 2019! Jen and her team have helped their clients see wins such as a 127% increase in website traffic in just 60 days, rank top 20 in the podcast charts and even land a feature on the homepage of Bustle, a publication that saw 49 million website visitors in October alone.

Topics discussed:

  • Getting dropped by a billion dollar retailer
  • Honing in on the facts of each situation before reacting
  • How to not waste your failures
  • Bourbon, biz besties, and then getting logical
  • Feeling your feelings when you fail
  • Knowing if you want to vent OR get advice before talking to people
  • How to find biz besties locally and online
  • Using LinkedIn for networking
  • Building up your resilience and getting used to failure
  • How your upbringing can impact your approach and reaction to failure
  • Balancing risk and stability as a CEO

What comes to mind when Jen hears the word failure:

Each time I fail, I come back a bit stronger. If you're not failing from time to time, you're not being risky enough!

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