Failure | Setting bigger goals with Anna Rapp

Failure | Setting bigger goals with Anna Rapp

failure interview mini-series podcast


This episode is part of our mini-series all about failure. Tune in as we discuss how our guests approach failure, the biggest fails they’ve experienced, what they learned, the support they tap into to get through failure and more…

In this episode, we’re talking with Anna Rapp. Anna is a Business Mentor + Mindset Coach, mama to two and founder of the Heart Centered Entrepreneur Podcast and Community. Anna lives in San Diego but coaches ambitious women internationally to help them launch and grow their service based businesses so that they can have wild, profitable, monetary success... but without compromising what matters most to them like their values and showing up for their family.

What comes to mind when Anna hears the word failure:

LESSON. I almost NEVER hit my "business goals" bc I make them so big - but I don't make it mean failure anymore! <3 

Topics discussed:

  • Anna was my very first life AND business coach
  • How to learn lessons from your failures
  • What NOT to make your failures mean
  • The spiral that can happen after a failure
  • Why aiming big and NEVER hitting your goals can be a good thing
  • Good, better, best goal setting
  • Understanding how you’re motivated

Links/Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Jordan Schanda King:

Connect with this week’s guest, Anna Rapp:

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