How to be authentic, candid, and kind in your business and your content with Kendall Cherry

How to be authentic, candid, and kind in your business and your content with Kendall Cherry



Tune in as we discuss giving feedback, showing up authentically, and the challenges and resources we all bring to our business. We also dive into a bit of my personal story, the importance of alignment to your business, and the responsibilities of having a team.

My guest is Kendall Cherry, the founder and creative director of The Candid Collective and she's on a mission to create a world that’s more candid and kind. Kendall and her team create copy and marketing content for ALL kinds of businesses (including mine). She’s written for multi-seven figure software companies, media empires with 186k+ email lists, content creators with 2M+ followers. and many other virtual service providers, all while sounding EXACTLY like who she’s writing for. Kendall is also the host of Rebels Get Revenue, a podcast for introverts, visionaries, and rebels WITH a cause who want the inside scoop on all things business without the bullsh*t. 


Topics discussed:

  • Being candid and kind and why it’s the best for everyone.
  • Balancing direct honest feedback and appreciation for service-providers.
  • Why looking at every other person in your industry hurts your copy.
  • Just stop with the forcing it. There is always an easier way.
  • Figure out your differentiator by asking yourself what pisses you off about your industry?
  • Your content doesn’t have to be spicy, but it does have to be YOU.
  • Why showing the personal side of yourself is important for attracting the right clients.
  • How I met my husband and the fact that we got married 95 days after we met.
  • My vision of being “the pregnant Tony Robbins”
  • The struggle of entrepreneurship as a single person.
  • The challenges and resources we all bring to the table in our business.
  • What dating and relationships have to do with our experience with clients.
  • Getting addicted to the chaos and the hustle vs. being okay with stability.
  • Understanding that goal and outcome you’re trying to achieve.
  • When you’re aligned with your business and what you're doing, the clients just come.
  • Trusting that your actions and decisions will bring clients, but not always immediately.
  • Upleveling often happens when you let go, slow down, and open up to anything.
  • It’s normal to feel like every client you get or milestone you hit is a fluke.
  • The pressure and responsibility of having a team. 
  • Your threshold of risk and how you hold it together during the downtimes is what defines your success as a business owner.
  • Combatting the starving artist narrative that exists for writers.


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