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How to transition from a 6-figure business to a 7-figure business with Elena Favaro Viana

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Today I am speaking with Elena Favaro Viana. Elena is the founding and managing partner of EFV Legal, a law firm for online entrepreneurs and small business owners. She is also a Business Mentor through her signature program BACK TO BUSINESS and the founder of Contracts for Entrepreneurs. She is on a mission to professionalize the online space through legal education, accessible resources and education! 

We have a fun (and transparent) conversation about the behind the scenes of scaling and the messy transition from running a 6-figure business to building a 7-figure business. We discuss how to manage your time, the changes you’ll need to make in your offer structure, the importance of processes, and how to build an effective team.

Topics Discussed:

  • Moving from a hobby mindset to a business mindset
  • The not-so-sexy business stuff required to scale
  • Managing increased expenses that can lead to dwindling profits as you grow 
  • How to avoid the biggest roadblock to effective delegation (hint: it’s you still doing everything yourself and not taking the time to slow down and release control)
  • Getting to a place in your business where you don’t have to delegate because everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing
  • Optimizing offers and refining your product suite for 7-figures
  • Slowing down to speed up and focusing on consistent income

Links/Resources Mentioned:

Contracts for Entrepreneurs: I use Elena’s contract templates for EVERY aspect of my business from my retainer clients and mastermind to my courses and independent contractors. I wholeheartedly recommend them to all of my clients (and YOU)! This is an affiliate link, which means I will get a small commission if you make a purchase with my link, but you will not pay any extra. I personally use and recommend these templates!


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