How to scale a business that's easy-ish and why sometimes that means slowing down

How to scale a business that's easy-ish and why sometimes that means slowing down with Aimee Browne

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Tune in as we discuss scaling a business and what that actually requires of you. We're talking broadly about leadership, how you show up with your clients, and not being the bottleneck in your business. We also talk about congruence - the idea of showing up for yourself and your business in the way that you say you want to and/or that you expect your clients to show up.

My guest is Aimee Browne, a Business Coach & Scaling Strategist. She helps aspiring multi-6 and 7-figure business owners turn their overwhelming visions into structured strategies and scalable businesses to reach their biggest goals - without sacrifice. 

Topics discussed:

  • What does a CEO actually do?
  • The talent, the CEO, and the visionary hats business owners wear
  • What has to change or give as you scale
  • The definition and subjectivity of scaling
  • There's no right or wrong way, but there are easier ways to run your business
  • Using your business as a mirror or window into your personal shit
  • Leaning into the hard things
  • Proximity, codependency, and potential downsides of group containers
  • The contagion of negativity in group containers
  • The importance of expansion and inspiration in groups
  • Making big shifts in your business, your brand, and your offers
  • The importance of stillness, pausing, and stepping back
  • Sharing from the scar rather than the wound
  • Going inward and limiting consumption when making big changes
  • Finding the right support and mentor for where you are
  • Is it required that you grow a team?
  • You can’t get away from stepping into a leadership role
  • Why having a team can be expansive
  • How to stay in integrity and be a leader for your clients

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