How to get comfortable talking about money

How to get comfortable talking about money and the shit you need to know to be more profitable with Kimberly Tara

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Tune in as we discuss all things money and the confusion that often comes along with it. We dive into the need for transparency in the online space, how to pay yourself, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to dive into your numbers. 

As usual, this was a fun one because we get down into the nitty gritty and I even offer up details about my own finances in the spirit of transparency and to hopefully start a more open dialogue about money. 

My guest is Kimberly Tara, one of my amazing clients and a CPA and certified tax coach. She started her tax practice six years ago and focuses specifically on profit and tax strategy for female small business owners. She's also the host of the Messy Wonderful podcast and blog, which focuses on motherhood, money, and business.


Topics discussed:

  • Transparency when discussing money: cash vs. sales and revenue vs. profit
  • Thoughts about Profit First and how much you should pay yourself
  • IRS rules and why you don’t want to overpay yourself
  • The difference between filing as a sole proprietor and an S corp
  • Calculating a reasonable salary, distributions, and bonuses
  • Maximizing what you’re already bringing in
  • The different phases of your business when it comes to money
  • Paying attention to your numbers
  • Why every business should have a bookkeeper
  • Competing with yourself vs. comparing to others
  • A good rule of thumb for savings accounts 


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