How to navigate failed launches, money setbacks, emotional breakdowns, and all the things no one talks about with Julia DeWolfe

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Tune in as we talk about the emotional roller coaster that is owning a business. We dive into things like changing your mind, thinking through worst-case scenarios, navigating failed launches, and the magic of breakthroughs after breakdowns.

My guest is Julia DeWolfe, she is one of my coaches, a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practitioner, and what she calls an 'everything coach' for entrepreneurs.

Julia is a regular guest on the podcast, and together we explore the more emotional side of business ownership and dig into many of the things that I've personally struggled with or overcome in my own business.

Topics discussed:

  • Dealing with “failed” launches and changing your mind
  • Deciphering the difference between fear vs misalignment
  • The magic of breakthroughs after breakdowns
  • Julia's favorite exercises from cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Self-awareness and reflection as the ultimate growth hack
  • Why I secretly get excited when bad things happen in my business
  • Hard work vs hustle and why I think anti-hustle-culture goes too far
  • Not feeling bad if you’re working more than 20 hours a week
  • Figuring out what YOU actually want your business to look like
  • A values-based exercise for getting clear on what it’s all for

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