How to build a community-focused business with Pia Beck

How to build a community-focused business with Pia Beck

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Tune in as we discuss how you can build and scale your business while also cultivating community. We dive into stakeholder engagement, failing fast and letting go, building a team and understanding your values, and the messiness of actually running a business. 

My guest is Pia Beck, the creator of Curate Well Co., a consulting, configuration, and community platform that helps brands change narratives and redefine norms in industries that are desperately calling for something different. After a career in People Operations in the tech and startup worlds, where she crafted departments from the ground up, doubled national teams, and spun up infrastructures to hit goals faster and fuller, Pia started Curate Well Co. She combined the tools she cultivated to scale teams, concepts she learned from top tech talent, and her natural inclination to consider every detail, care deeply, and shift culture — to build the Full Stack approach Curate Well Co. is known for and apply it to leaders like you who want to build a brand and business bigger than you. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Failing fast, letting go, and dealing with perfectionism
  • Socializing and integrating your ideas with your community
  • Taking a consumer-centric approach and building relationships with stakeholders
  • Behind the scenes of creating a podcast and getting sponsors
  • Why building a team is the most challenging step in growing your business
  • Pinpointing your values as a business and communicating them
  • Transparency and radical honesty
  • The importance of your big vision and purpose
  • How to handle shitty days and get back to your equilibrium quickly

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