Rachel Lopez how to create a simple product suite and sell with email.

How to create a simple product suite and sell with email with Rachel Lopez

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In today's episode, we’re talking about offers, launching, email marketing and more. We dive into the importance of welcome sequences, the struggles of having lots of ideas, and how to create intentional offers (and freebies).

My guest is Rachel Lopez, the founder of Gal Marketing - a boutique email marketing strategy agency focused on creating intentional marketing strategies for female business owners. She helps soulful entrepreneurs create intentional marketing strategies that help them attract, nurture, and convert their dream leads without fighting with the algorithm. She's spent the last 10 years building marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes to create intentional marketing plans that focus on lead generation & relationship building

Topics discussed:

  • Finding clarity in your business and who you serve and focusing on retention
  • Thinking ahead about the next offer and level of support your clients’ need
  • How to identify movement in your email list with 3 simple questions
  • Mindset hangups and FOMO around segmenting your list
  • Ascension models, maintenance programs and more on product suite
  • The downsides of launching (all the time)
  • Holding feast and famine at bay with recurring revenue structure
  • What to do if you have constant new ideas for offers and products
  • Structure and purpose of welcome sequences and nurture sequences
  • How to let automations do the work for you
  • The importance of intention behind your marketing and offer decisions

Links/Resources Mentioned:

  • Kajabi (30 Days Free): My favorite all-in-one platform where I have my website, courses, checkout pages, opt-ins, email marketing, and more! 

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Connect with this week’s guest, Rachel Lopez

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