How to hire and lead a team to help you scale your business with Kira La Forgia

How to hire and lead a team to help you scale your business with Kira La Forgia

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Tune in as we discuss how to structure your team, whether you need contractors or employees, how to show up as a leader, and all kinds of other really cool things related to HR. No matter what stage of business you’re in or your business model, this is a goodie.

My guest is Kira La Forgia. With a decade of experience in People Operations in the corporate world, Kira is no stranger to the sensitive issues involved in the human side of running a business. There’s a lot to learn from hiring, onboarding, training, and managing the performance of over 500 employees for a multimillion dollar business. The good news is, Kira learned it all so you don’t have to. Kira founded Paradigm to bridge the gap between corporate HR policies and the modern needs of online entrepreneurs. Because Google might have almost all the answers, but it doesn’t have what your unique business needs.

Topics discussed:

  • Why your approach to team depends on your business model
  • Pros and cons of using contractors vs hiring employees
  • When you HAVE to hire an employee
  • All the boring but important things around compliance and policies
  • Difficult conversations and how we can learn from them as business owners
  • The mindset shift required for having employees versus contractors
  • Using personality types as an excuse or crutch vs opportunity for growth
  • The importance of knowing what kind of business you’re building

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