Krys the Maximizer: How to scale with videos and live streams

How to scale with videos and live streams with Krys the Maximizer

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In today's episode, we’re talking all things videos and live streams! More specifically, we dive into the types of videos that work best, pros and cons of the major video platforms, the amount of time videos actually take, and some cool platform features that allow you to engage with new audiences! We also talk about how to prep your content for video, some practical uses of having a clear client avatar, and also why it’s so important to be redundant!

My guest is Krystal aka Krys the Maximizer. She is a Strategic Money Coach who helps women be intentional with their money to reach their financial goals. With over 14 years of couponing experience, she helps her clients create money saving strategies by budgeting, couponing, and meal planning.

Topics discussed:

  • The types of videos (lives, short videos, Reels, etc..) and what’s working best
  • Video platform options and the pros/cons of each: TikTok, Youtube, Instagram
  • How to engage with the people watching live videos
  • Planning talking points ahead of time vs improvising on the spot
  • Practical uses of having a detailed client avatar
  • Some cool perks of TikTok when it comes to growing your audience
  • How different video platforms reach different audiences
  • Responding to comments using video replies
  • Smiling and dialing as a sales funnel
  • The amount of time it takes to record, edit, and show up live on video
  • Decided when to take a break from a platform or strategy
  • The importance of being redundant with your content

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