4 steps to investing in yourself as a CEO

4 steps to investing in yourself as a CEO

You know investing in yourself is important for building your business, but if you’ve never done it before or if it’s ever backfired, it can be scary to know what investment to make! 

Today, I’m breaking it down into 4 easy steps so you can feel confident investing in yourself as business owner and CEO!


1. WHY do you want to invest? 

Whether you decide to join a mastermind, hire a business coach, outsource your social media, or bring on a virtual assistant, make sure you get clear on the WHY first

Instead of randomly throwing money at your business and hoping something sticks, work on developing a clear goal for the investment so that you can make the best decision about HOW you want to invest. 

Think about what you can do to give yourself more time to work ON your business, rather than IN your business…

Small behind the scenes tasks piling up? Try hiring a virtual assistant or social media manager.

Need more time in general? (Don’t we all!?) Get yourself someone to help with tasks around your home. Think household chores, yard work, or even meal prep! 

What about your mental space and self care? Consider investing in routine massage therapy or yoga classes.

Struggling with mindset, strategy, or accountability? Investing in a mastermind or finding the right coach is the way to go! 

When you’ve really thought through what you want to achieve, you'll feel good about investing in yourself and your business will reap the benefits!


2. Don’t second guess yourself!  

I get it! Investing is a big decision.

It’s personal and it takes being brave when you decide to take the leap. The worst thing you can do is cloud your decision with doubt. Try your best to not second guess yourself. 

Part of the investment process is to truly believe YOU make the best decisions for YOUR business. It can be a challenge to accept this mindset as the norm but it really is true. 

So remember, don’t ever regret the investments you make to grow your business. Instead, learn from them and then keep going! No matter what.


3. Keep investing.

No matter how much a person or a business grows, it’s a good idea for CEO’s to always be on the lookout for opportunities to continue investing

Maybe you grow so much you need to hire a team - that’s an investment

Maybe you upgrade your laptop or purchase equipment to start a podcast. That’s an investment! 

Maybe you find the perfect business coach, one you couldn’t have afforded before and they help you take your business to the next level. That’s 100% an investment! 

All of these are ways you can keep investing, keep growing, and continue learning

When you stay open to new ways to invest, it will always propel you forward and keep you on track to where you want to be.


4. Always invest in others!

When you serve others and teach them what you know - it’s an investment in others and it’s also an investment in yourself. 

By teaching or mentoring those who are navigating something you’ve been through before, you are investing in yourself as a leader. It’s a term known as the “protégé effect”. 

Teaching others not only helps you understand what you already know even better, it also improves your own confidence which will boost your ability to continue leading as a CEO!

One of the best ways to invest in others is to join a mastermind and pour into the group as much as you gain from it!


Ready to make your next investment?

You hold the key to making solid investment decisions to grow your business and you will always instinctively know what the right investment is for yourself - tap into that!

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