It's time to stop

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It's time to stop

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You eventually get to a point in business when flying by the seat of your pants no longer serves you. 

No matter the time, the solution is the same: planning. 

And more specifically, quarterly planning.

Why 90-Day Planning?

The purpose of creating a 90-day plan is to gain clarity on your priorities and projects and then to break everything down into actionable steps that can be easily implemented.

Quarterly Planning allows you to easily:

avoid shiny objects

get organized

be more efficient

make more money

and scale faster..


Hi there, my name’s Jordan

Business Consultant + Scaling Expert 

I typically work as a COO alongside female founders scaling multiple-6-figure businesses on the path to 7 figures.

I've also built 3 businesses from scratch.

So I’ve seen the inner workings of the exact type of business you're striving to create.

2013: Started my first business (with my mom)!
2017: Co-founded my second business.
2020: Sold my first business.
2021: Launched my third business, Easy Scaling, landing my first client in week 1, my first 5-figure client in month 2, and hitting my first 50k month within 6 months.

SINCE BECOMING AN ENTREPRENEUR, I'VE: Published a book, trademarked a brand, led group programs in three industries, completed my Master's degree, filed copyrights on multiple products, negotiated a white-label deal for a course I created, and been featured on over a dozen podcasts and in Forbes.

As soon as you book your intensive…

>> You'll check out my calendar and book the perfect time for our intensive call.

>> I'll send you some pre-homework (including a short loom video of my process) to help you prepare and get the most of our time together.

>> Then, we'll jump on our intensive call and dive deep into your business goals, ideas, and plans.

>> After the call, I'll put together a custom 90-day plan for you. Everything will be broken down into small, actionable steps. No more to-do list items like "write content." You'll have a list of bite-sized tasks to help you avoid overwhelm.

>> Then, my rockstar team will put everything together into an easy to implement plan. This will make it easy for you to check each item off your list or delegate it out to your team.


What will we discuss during the intensive?

We always start with big picture context. This includes all your hopes and dreams for your business, whether it’s one year or ten years out.

Your big picture can include revenue goals, new products you want to launch, the fact that you want to eventually sell your business, or even fun projects you have on your mind.

This context is essential for identifying and addressing gaps in your strategy.

For example, if your product suite doesn’t align with your revenue goals that’s a gap and something we can only identify in the context of your big picture goals.

So, we'll dive deep into what you want your business to look like in 6 months. A year. 3 years. And even 10.

Without this context, you won’t know if the short-term actions you’re taking right now are in alignment or if they’re just another shiny object.


Okay, big picture is great, but what about concrete actionable ideas?

Don't worry. This isn't some vague "strategy call" that'll leave you wondering what you actually need to do next.

Once we understand that big picture context, then we get into the nitty gritty! My zone of genius is creative problem solving. I love coming up with ideas and then figuring out how to effectively put them into action. 

Some of the many things that we could discuss during the intensive include:

  • Group program/course development
  • Launch and marketing strategy
  • Organizing roles in teams
  • System/SOP design and improvement
  • Operations strategy 
  • Product suite design and offer pricing
  • And more...

So, ready to work together?

Let’s get the ball rollin’!

You read all the way to the bottom—love it!

Now, if you actually just scrolled all the way to the bottom because you’re super excited to learn more about this offer (totally understandable because it’s pretty awesome), here’s the TL;DR version:

The time has come for you to stop winging it so you can scale faster

The best way I know to get you there is to create a custom 90-day plan for your business. And that's why it's a non-negotiable when working with my COO clients. 


Quarterly Planning Intensive if you…

 >> Have a launch or project coming up that you want to make sure gets done (and done well). No more dropped balls or being overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done.

 >> Are seriously ready to go from being an overworked, burnout entrepreneur (always working in their business) to a badass CEO who spends most of their time working on their business.

 >> Deeply crave clarity, confidence, and support on the strategy behind your decisions as a business owner.

>> Want to work with someone who is 1000% dedicated to the success of your business and understands big-picture strategy PLUS systems and operations.

If you’re ready to build a sustainable business that you absolutely love, then book your intensive now.

Limited spots available